Before More Than Words I was going to Bunker Hill Community College as a part-time student. I was failing my classes, struggling with attendance, and having some mental health issues. At MTW, I grew to be more social and it gave me confidence to speak up in school and get my next job. After I graduated MTW, I continued to work with Career Services. They suggested I look into a post-secondary education program called Resilient Coders which I completed this year. I now work full-time as a software developer. More Than Words prepared me for adulthood and independence in a way that I never would have been able to do on my own!

RJ, MTW Graduate

Before More Than Words my family was struggling with finances and homelessness, and my investment in school was at an all-time low. MTW gave me the confidence to advocate for myself and seek help when I need it. After More than Words, I enrolled in Northeastern University's Foundation Year and I'm now working toward a degree in criminal justice in hopes to become a lawyer! More Than Words taught me not to feel ashamed to ask for help and continues to be a huge support in my life!

Yehiah, MTW Graduate

Before MTW I was having difficulties attending school and deciding what I wanted to do with my life. During my time at MTW, I learned how to receive, scan, ship, and use the register. Since graduating, I have received support from Career Services. I now work at Suffolk Superior Courthouse and go to Bunker Hill Community College and plan on becoming an accountant! MTW gave me the opportunity to better myself and further my education and career goals.

Damiyah, MTW Graduate

Before I came to MTW I was bouncing in and out of group homes and hospitals every few weeks, I was a homebody & wasn’t doing anything 24/7 for over a year. The connection I had with my Youth Development Manager Sheila was one of my biggest pluses at MTW, she was always there to support me. MTW has showed me I’m much more than just a home body that goes in and out of hospitalization. Now I want to get my EMT certification so I can help others the way I’ve been helped.

Kenisha, MTW Graduate

MTW is the first program I have been really connected with. If you are coming from the streets, homeless like my family was, it is a big environment change. Everyone is friendly and helps you be as professional as you can be. Having a job means a lot more responsibilities, it means that as you become an adult you know how to live in the real world and aren’t struggling. I have gained more skills. I have learned to lead shifts and talk to customers. I have gone out on pop up shops where we sell books at corporations. Being professional takes you far places.

Roberto, MTW Graduate

Through my employment at More Than Words, I learned real skills, like customer service and how to give feedback to my peers. I grew as a leader and as a person. The staff spoke with me when I felt overwhelmed and motivated me to keep pursuing my dreams. And they continued to support me even after I graduated!

Jarelis, MTW Graduate

I know what it’s like to be involved with the courts, to have family locked up, and to nearly be locked up myself. I always wanted to join the military or get another job, and couldn’t because of my history, but MTW hired me. In fact, they hired me twice. I messed up and was given the opportunity to get myself together and come back. This job is a great stepping stone for anyone who want to advance a career, to get things together in their personal life. Here, you’re part of a good thing, you feel like you have a purpose in the world, and your part of building something so that other youth can follow and have the same experience.

Mehki, MTW Graduate

The biggest change I’ve experienced since starting at MTW is having more motivation. MTW helped me feel excited again. I looked forward to coming to work and that excitement had a positive effect on lots of other areas of my life. MTW is a play button from pause, it’s a second chance for many people like me.

Robyn, MTW Graduate