The Power Is Yours

What is The Power Is Yours:

The Power Is Yours Team is a group of young people at More Than Words working together to address issues and laws that impact our lives.  Our team 1) educates ourselves about an issue, 2) engages key stakeholders to meet with us, and 3) voices up to advocate for laws and system-changes that are critical to support our success.

In advocating for change in the world, we believe in:

  • Youth voice– we will be present and lead key meetings and inform the process; nothing about us without us
  • Transparency – We will be clear and direct about our work with stakeholders and ask for the same from our partners and public officials
  • Accountability – We will hold our public officials accountable to hear and speak to the issues that matter to us

Our Current Priorities:

Raise the Age Legislation

We believe it is critical to move emerging adults, ages 18-20, out of the adult justice system and into the more developmentally appropriate juvenile system.  This move will align with brain science research, extend effective diversion strategies and services, increase public safety, and advance equity.

Ending the Child Welfare to Homeless Pipeline

We believe it is critical to map a strategy to ensure young people involved with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) are not made homeless when they turn 18.  30-50% of our homeless young adult population are coming out of our child welfare system.  We need increased accountability for compliance with existing laws requiring transition plans and additional resources to create more housing options.