Annual Report & Financials

In 2019 we celebrated the 15th anniversary of More Than Words with a year of expansion! We grew into new space in both Boston and Waltham, serving more youth, sourcing more books, and generating more earned revenue than ever before. We pushed the boundaries of our model with new competencies-based curriculum, business lines, and advocacy efforts. And most importantly, our young people continued to achieve measurable, positive outcomes in education, work, and life.

Our Financials:

Our highly sustainable hybrid-funding model means we can do more with every philanthropic dollar, putting it to work for our youth. Through our innovative social enterprise, young adults contribute directly to their futures and our bottom line by generating revenue that offsets the cost of services.

The biggest change I’ve experienced since starting at MTW is having more motivation. MTW helped me feel excited again. I looked forward to coming to work and that excitement had a positive effect on lots of other areas of my life. MTW is a play button from pause, it’s a second chance for many people like me.

Robyn, MTW Graduate