Donation FAQs

Thank you for supporting More Than Words with your books, clothing, and shoes! We rely on the generosity of thousands of donors each year to help our youth run their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently still accepting donations dropped off at our stores, left in donation bins, and through pickups at local residences.  Donation volume is down.  As we seek to provide support and services to our most vulnerable youth during this time, we need contributions of books and clothes more than ever.

Out of precaution and for the safety of our staff and donors, donations for any scheduled pickups at a home or residence must be left outside the residence – this can include a front porch or step, driveway, garage, etc.

We accept gently used donations of books, clothing, and shoes.  We occasionally accept high-quality furniture donations for display in our stores.  Please see below for more details!

We accept gently used donations of paperback and hardcover books, CDs and DVDs in their original cases, records, and video games. Books can be any genre as well as foreign language books. We also gladly accept textbooks, but do ask they be 10 years or newer.

We do ask that if you have books that are torn or damaged that you recycle them, as we will unfortunately not be able to find a good use for them. Additionally, we do not accept:

  • encyclopedias
  • textbooks over 10 years old
  • magazines/journals
  • audio cassettes
  • VHS tapes
  • donations of furniture, clothes, or household goods.

We accept gently used donations of clothing, shoes, and other textile items such as blankets and towels.  Donations should be in usable condition, though minor tears or stains are acceptable.

We ask that you please do not donate clothing, shoes, or textiles that are wet, moldy, or excessively dirty.

Your donation goes directly to our young adults as they manage their retail stores, online marketplace, pop-up shops, and wholesale business giving them valuable work experience as well as earning revenue to support the program.

Youth collect donations at our stores, from donation bins throughout the region, from partners like libraries, and through pickups at homes and businesses. The donations are brought to one of our sites in Boston or Waltham.  Our youth team sort through the books and scan them into our system to see if they can be sold online or in our store, and receive them into our inventory. Any books that we cannot personally sell right into the hands of a customer are given to community partners or sold to wholesalers around the country.  Clothing donations are collected in our warehouse and resold in bulk, providing valuable warehouse logistics and management jobs for youth.

More Than Words typically only accepts bulk donations of gently used clothing and books. We do occasionally accept donations of high-quality furniture items for re-sale or display in our stores.  If you have a furniture donation, please contact our donations team at to discuss.

We unfortunately are not able to take any other donated items such as mattresses, household goods, etc.

Absolutely! We are a registered 501(c)3 and will gladly provide you with a tax receipt form for your donation. You will be offered this form in person if you drop off your items in store or if we pick them up. If you happen to drop off donations in one of our collection containers and would like to receive a receipt, please email us at and we will respond within 2 business days.

YES! We can pick up 7 or more boxes of donations dependent on your location. To note, we request a monetary donation at the time of pick up to help cover the costs of maintaining our fleet of trucks and providing this service. For more information and to request a pick-up please visit our Donation page.

We expect that donations are packed in boxes or bags and moved to a first floor location when we arrive. We do offer an add-on packing option and have a fee structure associated with this service. Please contact our Business Development Team at or 617-674-5555 to discuss.

We schedule one or more weeks out depending on your location, size of the pickup, and season. We will offer you the soonest available dates when requesting a pickup.

Yes! We are happy to accept donations at either of our sites in Waltham or Boston. We also have multiple drop off containers spread out across the state.

The value of the in-kind donation is up to each donor. We will provide you with an email acknowledging a donation was made with a receipt for you to fill out identifying value of items you contributed. We are not permitted to value the donation or sign receipts.

We do not charge a fee for pickup, however, as we are a nonprofit youth job training program we do request that donors kindly consider supporting this service with a tax deductible monetary donation at their discretion. For packing services, we do charge a fee.

Books that are damaged or unusable will typically go to recycling, though books in good condition are re-purposed and given to community partners or sold in bulk all over the country!

Please contact our Business Development Team at or 617-674-5555 and we will be happy to answer your questions! If you email or leave a voicemail kindly allow us 1 business day to respond.

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